We all know that exhibitors are often the stars of large scale conferences. They generate the hustle-bustle and add variety and excitement to corporate events. However, attracting exhibitors can be difficult, especially for newer small scale businesses that do not have an extensive list of connections.

    Also, as an exhibitor, seeking exhibitor opportunities can be difficult. Identifying events that have opportunities for you to set up and promote your product and services is not easy, and we understand that. Here is where People Connect can help you and those seeking to offer you a space at their event.

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it, networking and connectivity lie at the heart of all business activity, and People Connect can help you connect with professionals across different levels and positions in the industry.

    We understand that organizing an event can be time-consuming and challenging. Having to spend hours trying to find exhibitors for your event adds to the stress of planning and organizing.

    On the other hand, getting access to events regularly can prove to be a challenge for exhibitors. In fact, they may find themselves struggling to get invited or finding a spot at events if they don’t have meaningful and beneficial business connections.

    People Connect is a premium platform that helps businesses, organizations, venue vendors, and sponsors connect with exhibitors and vice versa so that as an exhibitor, or event organizer, you have one less thing to worry about.

    Opportunities for Exhibitor's

    Whether you are an exhibitor looking for potential events to display your products or work at or are an event planner, business, or organization looking for exhibitors to participate at a conference/event, with People Connect, you can collaborate and connect with exhibitors, businesses, and other professional groups.

    The platform allows you to:

    • Seek opportunities, events/conferences to display your work/product at.
    • Advertise your services/products so that businesses, event sponsors, event planners, organizations, and venue vendors on the People Connect platform can reach out to you with potential opportunities.
    • Post about your exhibits, conference, and events online.

    Who Should Register with People Connect as an Exhibitor?

    People Connect is an ideal platform for any exhibitor looking for a professional platform to help build useful connections and improve operational efficiency. If you don’t want to waste time reaching out to investors, event planners, businesses, organizations, and sponsors, you should register with People Connect.

    How It Works

    People Connect is a simple and functional platform that offers a number of benefits to its users. To sign up to the platform, all you have to do is:

    • Select your preferred membership level (choose a free account or a paid subscription level)
    • Customize your quick notifications list so you never miss a notification regarding events that interest you.

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