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  • February 14, 2023
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5 Business Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Professional or business networking is the most effective way to find a job. With so many online networking services, people can find a better-suited job. In fact, around 85% of job vacancies are filled through networking.

While 88% of professionals think networking is necessary for career progression, making networking mistakes is inevitable. At some point, you will make a common networking mistake that can be easily avoided. Let’s discuss this further.

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Being Nervous or Awkward

We understand that business networking can be nerve-wracking for many people. However, if you start being awkward and nervous, you might fail to connect and network effectively. Confidence is the key to successful business networking.

You can build confidence and comfort by practicing with a friend or family member. Make sure you introduce yourself well, discuss your interests and career aspirations, and ask the other person about their professional life. People love sharing their career history and experiences.

Staying Silent During Conversations

If you are at a networking event, you should be engaging in conversations. You should ask questions and always have something you can say during a pause in conversations. Make sure your questions allow for an open-ended answer or a nice discussion instead of simple answers that might end the conversion.

Men during a networking event

Listening to Rude or Unhelpful People

Even in professional settings, you’re bound to run into unprofessional, rude, or unhelpful people. If someone’s being rude or inappropriate, you can say thank you and leave. You can exit that conversation politely if someone is being unhelpful and going on and on about something. A networking event should be utilized in the best way without wasting time.

Asking For Jobs

Networking is more about building lasting business relationships and finding relevant connections. You shouldn’t be asking anyone for jobs on the spot. It should only happen naturally once you’ve talked enough after the event and strengthened the professional relationship with a person. Otherwise, use networking events to find contacts and make connections.

Not Following Up

If you’ve taken someone’s contact details or business cards, make sure to check in with them after the event. It can simply be a short message thanking the person for their advice, achievement, or anything else.

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