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Virtual Conference Technologies
  • February 24, 2024
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Best Virtual Conference Technologies 2024

Virtual Conference technologies have grown at an unanticipated rate in the last 3 years. Experts have cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the factor responsible for the growth of virtual technologies, and that cannot be far from the truth. Thus, we can safely agree that virtual conference technologies are the few positives from the pandemic. The market for virtual technologies has continued to grow and the swift adoption by many businesses and organizations has put the technology industry on their toes.  


According to Global Market Insights, the market size of virtual technologies surpassed $25 billion in 2022 and there are projections that the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will surpass the 10% mark by the year 2032. Since the trend has shifted now to virtual conferences to save travel costs and ease of accessibility to a larger and more robust audience, it would do your organization so many benefits to know the best virtual conference technologies to choose when you host your next event. 


Virtual Conference Technologies 

   1. Zoom 

Zoom is a prominent platform enjoying wide acceptance in more than 80 countries in the world. Able to accept about 1,000 integrations, zoom provides room for online chat, live polls, video calls, contact centers, Expo booths, Networking background, interface for application programming, etc. Its free version that permits up to 40-minute calls with about 100 participants makes it the go-to conference technology amongst educators and businesses alike. Additionally, zoom has several other solutions based on the types of events you need, e.g. Zoom rooms and Webinars, etc.


Not only has it been named the No. 1 platform according to a survey conducted by EmailToolTester, but it also had a 59% boost in the US surpassing other platforms. As of 2024, the platform has developed a net income of $104 million. 


  • Reliable for large video calls
  • Interactive whiteboards and annotations (it allows you to open multiple whiteboards at once) 
  • Best suited for super complex events 
  • Supports Google Calendar – Over 1 billion people use Google Calendar to keep track of activities. The approval of Google Calendar allows organizations to configure event lobbies. 
  • Easily accessible and quick download


  • No room for comment control. 
  • The free version comes with limited App Specs and usability except you subscribe to the paid version. 

Pricing and payment methods 

Basic – Free 

Pro – $14.99 per month 

Business – $19.99 per month 

The Business Plus and Enterprise Zoom are priced based on the needs of the Event Planner. 

Recognized payment platforms on Zoom are PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and SEPA direct debit, among others. 

   2. Livestorm. 

The interactive features and its ability to track event analytics and quick customization are some of the reasons Livestorm should be your go-to conference technology as an event host. With over 25 languages, Livestorm supports the use of end-to-end video engagement meetings and events. It also allows software integration with Slack, Zapier, salesforce, and HubSpot CRM. 



Big brands like Honda Motors and Shopify use Livestorm to organize webinars and virtual meetings. Livestorm is a browser-based technology that can be adopted without sacrificing video quality or connectivity. In addition, it possesses a feature that enables you to distribute promotional emails to potential attendees and reminders.  


  • It allows easy addition of new sessions to existing ones. 
  • The step for registration is straightforward. 
  • Email automation before events and the ability to set a reminder. 
  • Livestorm has good customer service. 


  • The Screen Share is not transitional. 
  • Replays are not of high quality. 

Pricing and Plan Options 

  • Basic – Free   
  • Pro – $99 per month  
  • Business and Enterprise – Custom price. 

   3. Cisco Webex 

Founded in 1995, Cisco Webex is a virtual conference platform with over 10,000 employees. It helps organizations establish a stable workforce. Big companies like AT&T and T-Mobile use this platform. There is provision for conducting polls, Q and A sessions, Live chat, etc. Cisco became the first platform to launch an update to make AI-powered technology able to access their portfolio.  

Cisco Webex


  • Ability to collate audience questions 
  • Easy registration procedure 
  • Operates with the strongest security law (GDPR) 
  • Supports synchronization through Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint. 


  • Desktop features are lacking 
  • There are reported issues with connectivity 

Despite the Cons stated above, Cisco Webex is a great platform for virtual conferences. 


  • Webex Free – $0 
  • Webex Meet – $14.50 
  • Webex Suite – $25  
  • Webex Enterprise – Custom Order.  

   4. Hopin 

Hopin is a teleconferencing online platform that supports instant messaging, IP telephony, and video conferencing. With Hopin, you can livestream, organize a webinar, and more importantly, host a virtual conference.   


Hopin works with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS, and ChromeOS. Thus, its accessibility to everyone with different Operating systems is not in doubt.   


  • Affordability. 
  • It allows speed networking. 


  • The major disadvantage reported on Hopin is the lack of customer service during events. 


  • Free: $0 – 100 registrations per event | 2 hours event length | 1 Admin Seat 
  • Starter: $99 – 100+ registrations per event | 3 days event length | 1 Admin seat. 
  • Business – Single Event or Annual: Custom registrations | Custom Event Length | 10+ Admin seats. 

   5. Airmeet  

Airmeet is a conference technology designed for hosting both physical and hybrid events. It permits attendees networking, and it is acclaimed to be one of the best platforms if you are looking for guaranteed leads, because of the unspeakable experience it offers your attendees. Looking to launch a product and give it a facelift lasting impression on your consumers? Then you must give Airmeet a try.


Airmeet has a demo session where you get to test the technology before your event comes up, so you are able to align goals and resolve issues that may come up during your event.  

Here are some of the top benefits of using this platform: 

  • Integrates easily with the MarTech tool. 
  • Powerful revenue-driving insights. 
  • Exclusive virtual backstage.
  •  Instant Accessibility to other platforms like- Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 
  • Room for Q&As. 


  • There are reports of compatibility issues on mobile. 
  • Support needs improvement. 


Free – 50 event Attendees, up to 90 minutes event durations. 

Premium Webinars – Starts from 100 Attendees which is scalable up to 10,000, Unlimited Session durations. 

Virtual Events: Up to 100,000 attendees, Premium Personalization and Branding Opportunities. 

   6. Vfairs 

Vfairs is a top virtual event platform for diverse programs like Virtual training, employee onboarding, hybrid events, and in-person events. It is accessible in every geographic location. They boast of event management and ticketing tools sufficient to make your next virtual event a memorable one and talk of the town. 



Vfairs offers analytics where you can track the data during and after your events and it allows integration with multiple platforms such as Slido, Stripe, Oracle, and Salesforce, to mention but a few. 

In addition, it is useful for hosting Fundraisers, and Gala events, and offers HR solutions for virtual interviews and recruitment of top talents around the world. Vfairs enjoy patronage from Microsoft, Amazon, Nestle, etc. 

Top Features Include: 

  • Engagement methods include Q&A sessions, live polls, live feeds 
  • No security glitches 
  • Easy check-in via QR code 
  • 1-on-1 or group video calls 
  • Gamification features 
  • AI-powered marketing assistance 
  • Email reminders 
  • Event Networking 
  • Third-party client add-ons 
  • Multi-lingual support 


  • Available Review says Vfairs registration procedure is complex. 


Pricing packages on Vfairs are based on custom quotes. 


There are numerous virtual conference technologies, and it might seem overwhelming when you are at the decision stage of what platform to use for your next event. People Connect advises choosing a platform based on budget, needs, features suitable to your event goals, and the best platform that offers event support.  

Good luck!!!

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