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  • June 14, 2024
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How to get the Best Event Ticket Deals in 2024

For people who attend events regularly, getting the best deals on tickets is akin to finding hidden treasures. Regardless of the type of event, the feeling of accomplishment of grabbing the perfect ticket deal adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. In this article, we will look at the places and strategies to ensure you get the best deals for your event tickets. 


Tickets for Event



Be careful not to buy tickets from unverified sources or second-hand platforms. They may be counterfeit tickets and they are more often sold at more expensive prices than the original price. There are, however, verified platforms where you can buy both genuine and resell tickets for events and conferences


The first step to saving money on event tickets is to know the places to buy the safest tickets. 

Official Websites 

When sourcing tickets, the best place to check will always be the official websites, if the organizers have any. However, while these usually do not carry deals and packages, tickets are often sold the cheapest on the official websites as the primary ticket provider. 


StubHub is a ticket exchange and resell platform that caters to buyers and sellers of all types of event tickets. It is the leading marketplace in America for people to buy and exchange event tickets.

Stubhub Tickets

They offer loyalty rewards to their frequent buyers such as seat upgrades and discounted prices. StubHub partners with event organizers to bring you good ticket deals from verified sources. 


Ticketmaster is a popular platform where tickets can be advertised and sold. On ticket master, you have to open an account whereby you register on the website after which you may then proceed to buy your ticket. This platform sells both original and resell tickets. Therefore, ticket prices may vary and be a bit higher than the initial going price for the ticket.


Ticketmaster Tickets

However, it is a verified place for ticket sourcing because not only the buyers register, but even the sellers have to register, and the validity of the tickets is verified before they are advertised on Ticketmaster. This market is good for concerts, shows, and game tickets.  


Eventbrite is another platform that both event organizers and attendees can take advantage of. When signing up on Eventbrite, you create a profile that’s tailored to your interest after which events are recommended to you based on your location and your interests. Eventbrite carries tickets for all kinds of events, from concerts and shows to conferences and seminars.


Eventbrite Tickets

Unlike other ticketing platforms which are event-centric, Eventbrite leans more towards the event organizers. On here, they show you event organizers to follow, all still based on your interests. 

People connect  

People Connect platform aside from being a website where events can be advertised and promoted. They offer event organizers the option of placing a link to where intending attendees can purchase tickets. In addition to this, People Connect focuses on connecting people and events that they never even knew were happening in their locations.

People Connect Event TicketsIt is the top platform for connecting and networking, especially for small businesses, venue vendors, organizations looking to plan corporate events, and exhibitors. On People Connect, you can surf for conferences that spark your interest. It presents you with options for free event tickets that you may attend virtually. It is the best platform if you need a place to promote your event and boost attendance. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, check People Connect for your next event. 

Some other places to get event tickets include; 


Don’t expect all ticket prices to go down, they only often do for certain events. According to Gametime, for concerts and shows, they’re even more likely to go up the closer it gets to the event. So, when you see tickets for these events you’d like to attend, keep an eye out for the ticket and buy the tickets Ad soon as you see them.


Best time to buy event tickets ImageDon’t sit on it! Sport tickets on the contrary often drop in price the closer it is to the day of the game. The cheapest time to buy these tickets is often an hour to the game.  


Never contemplate buying tickets on the day of the event and at the venue. Always check to see if there are tickets available for sale online before heading out to the venue of the event. One of the most reliable places to buy tickets is often directly from the official websites for events which have official websites. Event organizers often prefer to collaborate with ticketing platforms to promote and sell their tickets online. For games like the NFL, game tickets are always first available on their official website. 


Most ticket sellers have apps that you can download to make buying tickets easier. You are able to see the tickets that are available immediately after they are put up. Allowing notifications from these apps takes you one step further. These apps often carry time-limited deals or even free ticket deals. Be the first to see these. They are available for free download on Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. 



Discount Tickets for Events ImageKeep an eye out for discounted rates offered by the event planners. Often times there are bulk purchase discounts, student discounts, and discounts for certain ages. Take advantage of these discounts. Note promotional deals on ticketing platforms like combining a ticket with a hotel at a reduced rate for events that may be outside of your state or even country. Some platforms even offer presale tickets which often go for cheaper than the regular price of the ticket. 


When purchasing event tickets, nothing feels as satisfying as buying them at an advantage such as grabbing a last-minute deal or getting them at a flash sale. However, before purchasing tickets from any available source, it is important that you first carry out research on the seller, look at the terms and conditions that the reseller may have, and also check to confirm that the tickets are valid and legitimate from authorized sellers. Do these to avoid purchasing counterfeit tickets or being scammed. By taking advantage of these strategies whether it is a sporting event, concert, or seminar, you will be able to get your sought-after tickets with ease and confidence. 

To stay in the loop about upcoming events in the United States that you can buy tickets for, register with us today.

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