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  • April 24, 2021
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How To Land Professional Speaking Jobs?

Being a professional speaker can be a rewarding career. If you think you’re guest speaker material, one of the first challenges you will be faced with is, finding public speaking gigs.

For many who want to pursue professional speaking as a career, the first hurdle they are faced with is landing professional speaking jobs.

While it may seem that corporations and major meeting planners will not be interested in amateurs, there are ways in which you can work around this problem and land yourself many public speaking engagements.

Make Use of Marketing Tools

This means using more than just your business card to spread the word. There are three killer marketing tools that you can use to land professional speaking gigs – brochures, demo, and a website.

All of these marketing tools should follow a consistent theme that should be constructed around your expertise and niche.

Brochure Design

When it comes to designing a brochure, you should add a brief biography, the highlights of your presentation, include pictures and references. The same rules need to be followed when using online platforms to find professional speaking jobs.

The Website

If you are making your website, make it look thoroughly professional. The best way of doing that is by investing in a professional and not going the DIY route. If you have been hired for previous professional speaking gigs, then include links to them on your website.

You can also include a short introduction video where you will have the opportunity to show off your skills and authority on stage. People Connect can help professional, and novice public speakers attract the right organizers and companies by promoting your portfolio on the platform.

DVD Demo

For your DVD, get a friend to record several of your speeches, then only use short takes from several of those presentations. Always try to choose the clips that showcase your skills in different venues.

Start Small

While there is a financial aspect to professional speaking, it’s okay to start off with pro bono presentations if you’re an amateur. There are many clubs that meet up weekly, and every club always needs a speaker.

These are also great places to network since many members of such clubs are business people, lawyers, bankers, and so on. And each of these individuals is also likely to be a member of a professional association that will also be in need of public speakers.

Once you land a pro-bono gig, it is important to always ask the organizer or event host for a letter of recommendation, which will help grow your portfolio.

Speaking for free is also a great way for you to warm up so that you are on point when speaking at a bigger (paying) gig.

Reach Out to Training Facilities

Many who start out as professional speakers find that public training companies are a great place to break into an industry. Universities and training companies host seminars in different cities, which will also get you the much-needed exposure you need as a public speaker.

Due to COVID-19, many training companies are also offering webinars, which is a great alternative that any aspiring public speaker can explore when trying to break into a field.

Join a Professional Organization

Ultimately, you will have to build your own network to land professional speaking gigs, and one of the best ways of doing that is by joining a professional organization such as the National Speakers Association. There you can find more advanced public speakers who you can become your mentor while you’re learning the ropes.

It is common for members of such professional organizations to land speaking gigs as well, which is a double whammy. This is because while they might have a main speaker for a major convention, that’s usually left for last with smaller breakout sessions leading up to the main big-name speaker.

Use People Connect To…

For any public speaker, whether you are a novice or professional, going online to platforms such as People Connect is, by far, the best way for you to land professional speaking gigs.

Find Speaking Gigs

Using online platforms is a great way for you to find workshops, exhibitors, and seminar organizers who are looking for professional speakers.

Connect with Others

Not only are you able to promote yourself on these platforms for professional speakers, but you can also connect with businesses, organizations, and organizers who are always on the lookout for sharp and talented speakers.

Find Local Speaking Gigs

Another major advantage of using online platforms for professional speakers is that it allows you to find public speaking gigs in your area. All you have to do to sign up and become a free member of the service.

Get Updated Information on Speaking Jobs

Once you’re on the platform, you will have access to updated information on conference listings, webinars, training programs, and seminars that are looking for a public speaker.

Create Your Personal Profile

You can also create your personal profile, which will be visible to companies, training facilities, and event organizers who are looking for professional speakers.

In this way, by simply becoming a member of one of these online platforms for professional speakers, you can put your public speaking career on auto-pilot and let the gigs come to you. Joining platforms such as People Connect is a great way for professional and novice speakers to find gigs that suits their skills and expertise. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are a professional or novice speaker who’s just starting out, join People Connect and get access to hundreds of professional speaking gigs throughout the nation, especially with the rise of podcasts and webinars.

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