If you’ve been organizing events for a while, you know how hard finding a suitable venue can be on short notice. Even if the venue is available, arranging a good vendor is almost always next to impossible. However, both venue and vendor play an essential role in defining an event’s success; thus, event planners spend a significant portion of the planning phase, trying to connect with venue-vendors offering high-quality services.

    People Connect is a premium platform that connects venue-vendors with event organizers, businesses, organizations, professional speakers, and other industry professionals effortlessly and quickly. Through the platform, you can build meaningful connections and a stable network of industry professionals to improve operational and organizational efficiency.

    Opportunities for Venue Vendors

    The COVID19 pandemic has further highlighted the need for having reliable business connections so that you don’t find yourself stranded in times of need and have a solid network of professionals to rely on. People Connect provides that for a wide range of professionals, including venue-vendors.

    The platform allows you to:

    • Reach out to businesses, organizations, and event planners looking for venues and vendors.
    • Be visible to different business and professional groups looking for venue-vendors to host events/conferences.
    • Advertise your product and service to a target audience or to the general public.

    Who Should Register with People Connect as a Venue-Vendor?

    If you don’t want to worry about finding professionals who may be interested in hosting an event at your venue, People Connect is the ideal platform for you. It allows you to connect with professionals across the industry, saving you time spent trying to advertise and promote your venue and vendor services. Here you can connect with people looking to rent venue spaces, including business centers, community centers, recreational centers, auditoriums, art galleries, hotels, academic venues, etc.

    How It Works

    Gaining access to a wide network of industry professionals looking for your services has never been easier. All you have to do is sign up on People Connect, create your profile, tell us your preferences, and never miss another opportunity to market your venue-vendor services to potential customers.

    You can also:

    • Start with our free registration and services
    • Choose from one of our subscription plans to get access to additional tools
    • Customize your quick notifications tab
    • Be visible to your target groups

    All base profiles have access to free basic features the platform has to offer, including the customized registration alerts.

    What Are You Waiting For? Sign up Today!

    • Used for business meetings and workslops/conferences