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Where can I promote my business?
  • September 25, 2023
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Where Can I Promote My Business?

There was an era when the answer to the question “Where can I Promote My Business?” would have been restricted to location-based. But modernization has developed innovative ways and places where you can promote your business at a cost and without cost. We will discuss the various places and platforms where you can promote your business in this article, keeping in mind the Internet age.


Local Community: 

Do not see it as strange why we chose to start here. Yet, we believe you should first gain your local community’s trust in your business. This is essential because members of your community who have patronized your business and know what value they derive will be more inclined to help you promote your business to their friends who may not live in the same community or even reside in a different State in the United States.  

Here is a quick story about Rita Shelley. She started a spice business because of stomach pains noticed when she eats spicy foods. She started blending her own spices together with quality ingredients and was allergens-free. When she started out, she only sold to her family and friends. Little did she know that she was going to Incorporate her business Cheeky Spices, and offer her product to her community. Now, her business has grown out of the community and is enjoying a wider reach than when she started. 

The moral of this story is that you are not too small to start, and starting from your local community takes nothing from you. As a matter of fact, you have much to gain from promoting your business in your local community; to gain trust and future referrals for patronage. 

Image of a Trade Show in the United States

Promote your business Online: 

Now is the time to take your business online to benefit from world patronage offered by the Internet. The sufficiency of your budget is irrelevant when it comes to promoting your business online. Adequacy is your watchword. If you decide to promote your business online, you can define how you want your advertisement to go. 

If you adopt Paid Ads, also referred to as Search Engine Marketing, you have the freedom to target the demography of your audience, their interest, and their behaviors, amongst other things. You are sure to get results within a week. And if you are diligent, innovative, and analytical, you can use the insights from the Campaigns to focus on your target audience’s needs or change tactics for better results.  

Platforms that offer you Paid Ads are Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, to mention but a few. 

On the other hand, if you do not have the necessary resources to use Paid Ads, you can target organic marketing, also known as Search Engine Optimization. But for this process, you must have a Website and a social media Page to share your content. The copies you provide on these platforms are called Marketing copies, some of which will discuss your product and how it can address your customer’s needs or problems. Have a dedicated Blog section on your website, a Facebook page, Instagram Business Page, etc. These are examples of places where you can promote your business online. 

You are advised to adopt Frequency, Quality, and Consistency as your guide under this subheading. 

Others are: 

  • Create a Listing in Local or Online Directories:  

You can attract more business activity when you promote your business by creating a listing in major directories, as advised by WordStream. The listing will allow you to show up in search results when people in a certain locality search for keywords around your business offerings. 

The right way to start is to Create and Verify your Google My Business Profile. This will allow you to claim ownership of your business and let it show up in Maps and Search Panel on Google Search results. You need to optimize your Google My Business Profile with all the necessary details about your business before you can reap the reward.

Image of Google My Business page

The steps are easy and do not require top-level expertise to do such. You can do it yourself if you have SEO knowledge or try out any SEO expert for proper optimization. Though there are other large and small directories that you can list your business. Google is the foundation that we recommend. You can begin listing on other directories as it becomes convenient for you. 

  • Trade Shows:  

Trade Shows come up in your community and other Communities or States in the United States. These Trade Shows bring together businesses in the same industry or service offerings for business promotion. They are beneficial and one of the places where you can promote your business.

Staying updated on when and where they come up and having to sacrifice some little funds to participate in these shows whether they are free or paid is what you must decide.  

You should keep in mind that some Trade Shows are open to businesses in all industries, while some are limited to one industry.  


People Connect has a curated list of Trade Shows / Events that come up in Texas and other States in the US every month and each year, where you can own a vendor booth to promote your business. You can stay updated by signing up for our Event Listing at People Connect Upcoming Events in the United States.

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