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  • January 07, 2024
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Women Owned Businesses near me, Texas.

Can you agree it is time to celebrate women-owned businesses in Texas? Well, celebration matters a lot for our women, who out of their busy schedule, manage and nurture their businesses for the good of society. However, it is of utmost importance that we discuss women-owned businesses in the Texas community for promotion and for purposes of organizing trade shows or events that will help build connections and create awareness for women CEOs. Many networking opportunities abound for women-owned businesses in Texas, but only if there is cohesion in putting our businesses forward. in one of its articles that reviewed the Texas Economy, stated that women-owned business is on the rise. Women in business own about 38% of U.S. Firms, with the rate of employing 8% of the U.S. workforce and contributing at the rate of 4% to the U.S. revenue.  

In addition, a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed the following interesting statistics: 

  • Impressive growth has been recorded in the last 16 years in women-owned businesses in Texas. 
  • Since the recession in 2007, only California is ahead of Texas in the number of women-owned businesses. 
  • Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are among the Top 10 U.S. metropolitan cities that exercise their impactful influence in women-owned businesses and the economy. 

While these are great for the country, it is noteworthy that there are still gaps to close, only if all hands remain steadfastly on deck. Local Business Texas Community

With no preferential treatment, here is a list of women-owned businesses in Texas. 

List of Women-Owned Businesses in Texas 

  • Grocery Store Don Tomate Meat Market, Houston, Texas

Most times, the motivation to own a business is fueled by a need you perceive a society craves. And that is what prompted Celia Hernandez to open the Grocery Store Don Tomate Meat Market in 2020. She stated that having lived in Cypress for 14 years, she sensed a demand for a meat market and had to provide supplies to meet those needs. Though her first Grocery Store is at 17835 Grand Road, Cypress, she has gone on to open another branch, Tomball, which means she is expanding. 

If you have some partnership or business opportunities for her, you can visit her store at Her stores are open Mondays to Saturdays between 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sundays from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

  • Kissed by the Sun Vacations, Dallas, Texas 

A full-service travel agency founded by Candace Raley, Kissed by the Sun Vacations specializes in luxury vacations to the Caribbeans and Mexico. They also help adventurers book Cruises, Destination for Honeymoon, Weddings, Adventures in Europe, and group travels. Candace says she started her agency to provide comfort for customers who were looking to take time out to relax after rigorous job activities. 

  • League Real Estate, Texas

With the understanding that owning and buying a home is one of the biggest challenges people face and all the tough decision-making it involves, Heather Teems bears the burden to ensure that her clients get the best home purchase they will enjoy and find rewarding afterward. 

League Real Estate

Heather Teems graduated from Texas A&M University with a BSc. in Marketing. With her background in sales and attention to detail, she combined her experience growing up in Dallas-Fort Worth with the knowledge of different cities and neighborhoods in Texas to serve her customers in the home-buying process. 

League Real Estate is a member of the Texas Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors. 

  • Community Flourish Consulting, Texas 

Danika Franks had a long time, envisaged a period where humans would be the priority in the healthcare sector. Her undying love for the medical and interior design space helped her to kick-start her consulting business, Community Flourish. The number one function of her consulting firm is to form a partnership with innovators and professionals in the healthcare and education sector to foster and promote the science of healing and deliver value to man’s physical environment. 

  • Dote On in Kingwood, Texas

If you want to beautify your home with some interior tropical plants and greenery, Dote On owned by Joselyn Burton, is the best Gardening place to visit in Texas. 

It is a family-inspired business that has subsisted for at least three generations. Noting how she was born in Guatemala and the fact that all plants grow there, she concluded the influence of her great-grandmother and her parents raising her around plants inspired her business, and said, “I don’t think I ever really truly enjoyed it until I moved away, and then it was kind of a sweet reminder. Now my mom and I have a really great bond over it.” 

Dote On focuses on tropical plants that have been selected, with consideration to the earth and customers. They are open on Wednesdays to Sundays from 12 noon to 5 p.m., and you can always put in a call for your interior plant décor. 

  • People Connect LLC, Arlington, Texas

The vision of People Connect started when Sharon Johnson, the primary founder, would occasionally conduct searches online to find a way to promote a workshop in the community.  At the time, she would type phrases like ‘promote my workshop’ or ‘advertise a conference’ these keywords didn’t return the desired results.  Also, during this time, Sharon knew that she was not a known speaker but had topics and content that she believed were of value. She also figured there are probably others in similar situations who want to promote their content, topics, events, and books but they are not well known and at the early stages of wanting to get their name and content visible to the public.  

Public Speaker Publicity

Around the 2015-2016 period, Sharon had the vision of a website platform that would be a viable source for professional speakers who wanted to host a conference/workshop and promote their services and expertise that was cost-effective.  One way to aid them in promoting their services is to help them be visible and connect to those groups who might need their services. And that would be businesses, organizations, and other professionals.  

After some years of persistence and determination working with multiple website vendors, the People Connect website has officially been in production and operating at its peak since August 2023.

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