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  • February 02, 2024
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Event Planning Websites

The Event planning industry has continued to grow year after year. In the United States alone, studies conducted by Askwonders show that about 1.8 million events are organized yearly. And a study conducted by the United States Bureau of Statistics noted that 1.8 million people were employed in the Event industry. Based on a 33% projected increase as of 2017, 2.3 million people are currently employed in the Event Industry in the United States in 2024.  

And if there are so many events in the United States yearly, how do you stay updated on the best events around you? That is the reason you must follow, bookmark, or register on event planning websites. Here are the best event planning websites you should not lose sight of if you want to keep a tab on events happening in the United States in 2023. 

Best Event Planning Websites in 2024 

  • Eventbrite 

Eventbrite is one of the top event-planning websites in the United States and worldwide. With Eventbrite, you can easily create any event, and the platform helps you manage your events efficiently. Since they have been around for a while, you are able to reach your target audience easily and sell tickets to them for your event.

Eventbrite ImageThey also offer an after-event engagement solution, where you can follow up with the community of event attendees, market to them, and get an insight into what they think about your upcoming events. 

  • Plannerwire 

Do you want to stay updated on the latest trending news and community insights in the event industry? Then Plannerwire is another event planning website you should frequent. At Plannerwire, they keep your events planning demands on track by sharing tools and articles on the trending technologies in the event industry.

Plannerwire Image

In addition, they work with non-profits and other business associations to provide solutions to their staffing needs and share top tips for event planning. Check out this event venue pricing tip in Texas.

  • Corporate Event News 

As more technologies are being introduced into the event industry, so does an event planner need to incorporate the opportunities created by technology into their event planning process. If you are a new event planner, you can take advanced courses in event planning with the Top 5 Online Event Certification course for 2024.  This certification will give you insight on useful technologies for events.

Corporate Event News Image

Also, while planning your events, you may need to source venue vendors and make your job go a little smoother. Thus, Corporate Event News is one of the events planning websites that need bookmarking for industry news and tools and others, as stated above.  

  •  Corporate Event Marketing Association  

There is no doubt that organizing corporate events is a herculean task, and much effort is needed to promote a corporate event. Corporate Event Marketing Association helps in marketing professional events, bringing corporate event planners together to share ideas and partnerships and build professional connections in the industry.

Corporate Event Marketing Association Image

They are known to provide the blueprint of past events, case studies, and practical ways to plan a successful corporate event. It is a good platform to add to your event planning websites. 

  • People Connect 

People Connect is an all-encompassing event planning website headquartered in Arlington Texas, United States. The platform allows you to create your own event, promote your business or services, and get regular updates on trending and upcoming events. When it comes to the best thought leadership updates in the event industry, they rank higher than all event planning websites.

People Connect LLC ImageThey share informative articles and blogs on technologies for events, professional speakers, etc. Registration with People Connect opens access to a host of opportunities for your event including partnerships, sponsorships, exhibitors, and venue space. A stockpile of various customer backgrounds means you will have access to people interested in attending your event.

  • Event Industry Council 

Research is important in the event industry because it guides you on what works and what does not. Talk about the initiatives you could leverage for your events and put in place industry best practices to attain heights unassailable.

Events Industry Council Image

Event Industry Council is a leading resource when you mention event planning websites, as they provide the avenue for all activities discussed above. They set the standards and ensure continuous education of players in the event industry. 

  • 10times 

10times is an event platform that enables you to create your own event and search for events to attend within your locality, city, or country. They feature event planners on their websites that you can network with to plan your event.

10times ImageThey are one of the world’s best event planning websites for connecting with industry players, and you should have them on your bucket list. 

  • Allevents 

Similar to 10times, Allevents is one of the leading event planning websites. They have a Mobile Application that helps you stay updated on leading events around the world.

Allevents Image

There is the liberty to create your own event, and the platform helps you promote your event as they pick events to trend on their website for visibility, and you can leverage their ticketing software. 

  • Eventsinamerica 

EventsInAmerica boasts of being one of the events planning websites to organize a wide marketplace for trade shows and events. They offer event organizers, trade shows, exhibitors, and attendees the right platform to network and find industry useful information.

Events In America Image

Their undying quest for following up on feedback from event attendees and exhibitors after an event is one of those things hard to find elsewhere across the industry. That data is necessary to help fashion out how to plan more events and employ user reviews to adopt or modify existing technology for events. 

  • BizBash 

A good resource for event planning websites is BizBash. They provide vendor directory searches, pictures of events, and review opportunities for those who attended their events. They organize events, offer breathtaking promotions for their upcoming events, and provide an enabling platform for networking amongst event professionals. One basic unique feature of this event planning website is that you can trust them for event-oriented job openings.

BizBash Image

Most events they organize or promote on their platform are corporate events, and to keep you updated on trending events, they offer an automated subscription-based event calendar. Additionally, they share content on technological advancement in the events industry. 


While there are several event planning websites to follow, the ten (10) discussed here are the most important platforms you should bookmark for the latest news in the industry and for your event planning, promotion, partnership, and sponsorship needs.

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