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  • December 11, 2023
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How to Connect with Professionals

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, connecting with people is important. These people are those you want to have around you, either to turn to when you need advice, in this case, those you see as your mentors, or those others who are family or friends.

While that is the first step in networking, the most unique uplift you can give yourself career-wise is to connect with professionals. You will learn how to connect with professionals in this detailed article. 

To the questions if you should connect with professionals in your field or other fields? We at People Connect will answer this based on two grounds.

First, when you are searching for a job or require a career change, networking with people in the field you have picked interest in is one of the most effective ways to get started and get job opening updates.

Two, connecting with professionals in other fields different from the ones you love does not hurt your career, especially when you are not planning a career change so suddenly. As a truth, we see it as an opportunity to leverage or seek partnerships with other fields when the need arises. 

How to Connect with Professionals 

  • Attend Professional Events: 

Find professional events that piques your interest to attend if you want to connect with professionals. There are often groups or event organizations in the industry you seek a career in, and they organize professional events in person or online. Attending these events is the quickest way to connect with professionals in your interest group.  


Connect with Professionals

These professional events are opportunities to get industry insights, resources, and experience according to People Managing People. In addition, you get to build relationships with those who are willing to guide and support you in the industry. 

The goldmine that comes with your attendance at these events is that recruiters also come around too. 

People Connect, and Eventbrite is one of the best platforms to get updates on professional events happening in your locality and around the United States. 

There is nothing to be afraid of if you are a novice because the events posted on People Connect do not discriminate if you do not have the credentials of top professionals in your field. All you need is insights, guidance, and experience. And you can get all of those if you walk into any of the conferences posted on their website or attend their online hosted professional events

Put it at the back of your mind that Statistics show that 85% of jobs are filled through professional networking. Thus, the more reason why you should prioritize staying updated on these professional event platforms. 

  • Get Active on social media. 

While you can get on social media for fun, you must be purposeful when using social media, especially for your career development. LinkedIn is the go-to social media channel to connect with professionals in your field.  

After you register on LinkedIn, you should optimize your LinkedIn profile to get the best effect of the opportunities offered by the platform in networking with professionals in your field. 

LinkedIn Connections

The next step is to know how many connections you should have on LinkedIn. In addition, learn on Flexjobs 5 tips for using LinkedIn Group for your career benefit. 

  • Follow Up 

Yes! You have sacrificed your precious time to attend that professional networking event. But is that where it ends? No, it does not end there. Follow-up efforts are required. To follow up, you agree that you will need a source. That is one thing you should not miss when you attend professional events. Always ask for a medium to connect, either emails, business cards, phone numbers, or other social media accounts (LinkedIn in particular.) 

Burnetts recommends following up with your connections from the events the following morning. Introduce yourself and try to narrate one relevant thing that happened when you met them (so they can identify you easily because they would have met with a lot at that event) to help them place you. Thank them for their kind attention and inform them you are available for volunteering when they have any placement available. 

5 Types of People You Should Connect with 

Knowing how to connect with professionals is the apex, but you need to connect with the right people for your opportunity. Whereas there are many types of people to network with, we will discuss five (5) that we consider most relevant to you. 

  1. Mentors: You need someone, a top professional in your field. These mentors have navigated the waters, the ones infested with sharks that could have pulled them down and the one that was favorable for them to swim freely to be where they are today. Have them close so they can help avoid critical mistakes they made when they were starting out. 
  2. The Insider: Inside Industry information, trends, and resources are very important if you want to stay updated on your career path. This helps you to plan ahead in your career. 
  3. The Outsider: While you are suckling on all the insider information, you need someone not related to the industry who can give you honest and objective opinions. 
  4. The Connectors: These are some of the most relevant connections you want to make. They are a web of information. Through them, you can meet other people in the industry that you may not know are the key decision-makers in the field.  
  5. A Partner: A partner is also an enthusiast in your career field. You can share information, resources, and job openings between yourselves. 

Connecting with professionals is easy and effective when you know how to connect with professionals, where to connect with professionals, the necessary follow-ups needed, and the types of people you should be connecting with. That is a beautiful summary of this article.  

To get more insights into upcoming professional events, connect with People Connect on LinkedIn. Connecting with us opens up connections for you with top professionals in the event industry that we already have on our network.

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