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  • December 01, 2023
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How to Obtain a Life Coach Certificate

In our previous article, we discussed how to become a life coach. Now assuming you have developed an interest in becoming a life coach, you need to match your skills and knowledge with certification. According to Indeed Editorial Publication in March 2023, the benefit of obtaining a life coach certificate is that it helps you to show your expertise and increase your client base.

We have painstakingly researched the best life coach certification courses and what you need to know before you obtain a life Coach Certificate. Here, we will discuss how to obtain a life coach certificate and the 5 best certification courses to help you achieve your dream faster. Now let us get rolling! 

How to Obtain a Life Coach Certificate  

Here is all you need to know before you obtain a life coach certificate. 

  • Find a Specialty:  

While we commend your enthusiasm for obtaining a life coach certificate, it is crucial you have a specialty in mind before you commit to any life coach certification program. In addition, it saves you more time and resources since you would have penciled out a life coach certification program that will suit your needs, and your interest will help you to complete it within the scheduled time. 

Taking a general life coaching program may be too broad for your specialty. Thus, you must consider a niche or specialty to find a tailored life coach certification program. Here are some of the life coach specialties for your consideration:  

  • Time management 
  • Marriage or divorce 
  • Financial management 
  • Relationship 
  • Goal attainment 
  • Success 
  • Career coach 
  • Parenting 
  • Spirituality 
  • Health and Fitness, etc. 
  • Research Best Certification Programs: 

Once you have taken your time to find a specialty, the next thing you want to do is research the life coach certification program. To get the best result in your research, consider life coach certification programs with accreditation. The International Coaching Federation is the body responsible for setting a standard for life coach education and certification. The standards are put in place to ensure that life coaching institutes or centers conform to ethical standards in the life coaching industry and there is somewhat of a uniform education. Thus, you should consider ICF-accredited life coach certification as it is beneficial since they must commit to industry standards. 

Additionally, you must note how the certification is offered, whether in person, online, or hybrid, and whether you have access to instructors when needed. Note pricing options and reviews of previous candidates so as to know what to expect from the program. 

How to obtain a Life Coach Certificate

  • Ask Questions when you need clarification about the program: 

If you have any doubts about the life coach certification program you have chosen, you should message the organization’s representatives. You may seek clarification on course content, duration – if not stated on their websites, what you need to complete the course and further information on finance. 

  • Consider your time commitment and Financial Obligation:

Life coach certification courses may sometimes be lengthy and time-consuming. Thus, you should select a program that you can commit your time to complete. Second, Life Coach Certifications are priced differently. Some programs are expensive, and some are affordable. You should pick a program that will not strain your budget. So long as you gain value and the course content is not at variance with the high-cost life coach certification programs, go for it! 

  • Plan your Life Coach Business before you complete the certification program: 

Planning how to start offering your service after you obtain a life coach certificate may not be the best. You will be a step ahead if you consider what you want to do before you complete the certification program. Since you already have a specialty picked, develop a marketing plan, cost of incorporation, and start-up cost. After sorting those out, you would have obtained an advantage over your peers since you already have a future projection before completing your life coach certification program. 

How to obtain a Life Coach Certificate – 5 Best Life Coach Certification Programs 

1. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching is a course designed to help you obtain three (3) specialty certificates in one program. It is a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. It is split into two phases and will take 7 to 9 months to complete the program. The cost of the Full program is $13,395. One of the most talked about, regarding this program is its extensive library and the fact that you earn three (3) credentials in one certification program. 

Its main disadvantage is that it takes longer to complete, and since the sessions are live every three (3) months, it is not self-paced. 

2. Certified Life Coach Institute Life Coach Certification 

This life coach certification is a three-day program where you learn the core competencies of a life coach as set out by a course designed in line with ICF standards. It takes 33 Full hours to complete this intensive and highly informative life coach certification. It costs $995 to complete this training course and is recommended for those looking at starting a career in Life Coaching.  

The fact that it can be completed within a short period and its affordability are the major Pros of this program. However, on the negative side, it does not go as in-depth as other life coach certification courses. Plus, you must complete two (2) additional courses (Level One and Two) if you want to be accepted into the ICF. And they are priced separately. 

3. Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification 

If you dream of a coaching career in Life and Health, then the Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification is the right choice for you. The two courses overlap since most staying healthy discussions affect a person’s quality of life.  

It is a self-paced training that covers the four pillars of nutrition, personal growth, business education, and habit change. The Health and Life Coaching program is 100% virtual, and you can access weekly mentoring sessions. The cost of completing this dual certification course is $5,450 in total. You can pay in installments which cost $850, but paying the whole course fee at once helps you save $500. The main disadvantage is that though it offers the flexibility of paying in installments, the payment structure adds $500 to the program’s cost. 

4. Institute for Life Coaching Training Professional Certification 

Regarded as the most intensive and comprehensive life coaching certification. The program takes 18 to 24 months to complete and costs $7,800. The course is reputed to teach business aspects of life coaching

Life Coaching Certificate

Class commitment is four to five hours a week, and you must sign up for specific classes at certain hours of the day, almost as you would when you take a college program. It behooves you to attend classes as attendance is graded, and you must pass a written exam with a 70% pass mark or higher. 

The Con of this program is that it goes beyond all other life coaching course content with its extensive course library and is costlier than other life coach certifications. Plus, it takes longer to complete with its 18 to 24 months completion period. 

5. Life Purpose Life Coach Certification by Udemy 

Life Purpose Life Coach Certification by Udemy is designed for those looking to find a life purpose and help others in the same regard. It is a short and condensed course that will pick your interest and help you discover critical answers to life questions. It serves as inspiration, motivation, determination, and courage into who you are as a person and all that your life is about. 

The reason this is a go-to course for those who want to start a career as a life coach is – it costs less than $200 dollars and could even go less than that for a $50 discount price. In addition, it is one of the fewest life coaching certifications that can be completed within a day. 

The disadvantage is that it is not accredited by the ICF. Thus, it is only a stepping stone to other accredited life coach courses. It is more of a personal development course than a standard life coaching certificate for business, and it is restrictive as it focuses on Life purpose only. 


In conclusion, obtaining a life coach is essential because clients prefer to approach Certified Life Coaches than those without certification. And the nitty-gritty that you need to consider has been discussed above before you choose how to obtain a life coach certificate.  

Although there are numerous other life coach certification programs we did not mention in this piece, those mentioned were properly curated from the best in the industry. We hope one of them will help you obtain a life coach certificate and kick-start your career immediately.

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