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  • November 23, 2018
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Why Webinars are Beneficial to You

Whether you’re a professional speaker, a consumer who is looking to learn something new, or an organization that wants to have a conversation with its clients, webinars are the perfect way to engage a broad audience at once. With webinars, you can easily engage your participants in online discussions, training events, share audio, slides, or even documents. You can do this with others from around the world. In fact, 77% of all B2b marketers have used webinars to engage their audiences. Because of this, 64% more have increased their use of webinars with audio and video content. This is a big jump and proof that webinars can help your organization grow.

How to Promote My Conference/Webinar/Event?

While you can use your usual social channels, email list, and other networks to get the word out, these aren’t the only things. First of all, what is your objective? Make sure you have a clear goal about what you’re trying to accomplish. Have a solid understanding of your audience. Have topics that resonate with them and know their pain points. These can help you create a compelling webinar.

Benefits of a Webinar

  • Deliver exceptional value to your audience. A webinar allows your audience to ask questions and get some real-time feedback. You can also ask your audience questions to keep your content tailored, which serves your audience better.
  • A webinar puts you in the position as a premier expert in your field. Individuals join a webinar to hear you talk about a specific subject. They see you as an expert even before you start sharing the content.
  • You can chat will a broader audience. Webinars are perfect for an audience that comes from around the world. You and everyone else doesn’t even have to leave their computer chair or couch to participate.
  • Webinars are great for audience engagement. They are one-time live events. It gives scarcity to the event, which makes attending it much more critical. It also offers engagement through real-time conversations. Your audiences get a voice that makes them more focused on your content.
  • Each webinar you do can generate more leads. They will attract new leads that will eventually convert to new customers. Each person that attends webinars is a potential lead. Plus, webinars allow you to build relationships.
  • You will see a faster ROI, and your sales process will have sped up. The faster you can convert these individuals into new customers, the better off you’ll be. Webinars help speed up this process. They deliver value, build trust, and kill objections within a small amount of time.
  • Even after the webinar is over, you can still reach your target group. This is a great way to increase your reach afterward and maintain the relationship you built during the webinar.
  • Video events will save you time and money. Since everything is done online, a webinar eliminates the need to travel along with all the expenses that go with it. You no longer have to engage an audience in a banquet room at a hotel or other venue.

Webinars will give you the ability to reach hundreds of people at once. As the location is no longer a factor, it allows many people who wouldn’t usually be able to make it have the chance to participate. It will also give you the bonus of your ideal prospects doing business with you and capturing their attention with the interactive nature of live video events. Getting started is easy. At People Connect, we can help you get your webinar up and running. Register now for free!

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