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  • October 22, 2023
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What Makes a Business Successful? 

Many have wondered why some businesses are successful while other businesses struggle to stay afloat. Is there magic performed by these top businesses? Whereas the definition of success depends on the company in issue, there are often traits and rules that most successful businesses have in common.  

You can rent a space and decide to pump all the funds into a business, but is that what makes a business successful? The truth is, there are guides to owning and running a successful business. Even though these guides to a successful business are often internal, you must admit your mind to the external factors of your business success, one of which is your customers. They define your success in the long run; if your utmost business objective is to earn their patronage and referrals. Then you may need to promote your business to them. Here are what makes a business successful. 

  • Pursue your Mission Statement 

Your Mission statement is one of the most important documents. It shows the reason for your commencement of such business, the goals it aims to achieve, your product or service, and why and how they benefit your primary consumers or market. WeWork stated that a clear mission followed strictly would motivate your employees and have a set purpose they want to achieve for your business. They further emphasized that your business mission statement banner is not for fashion purposes; it must be adhered to for the success of your business. 

  • Be Transparent with your Team 

We have definitely outlived years when we have autocratic leaders in the workplace. We do not mean that you should not still be in charge, but times warrant you talk to your team to hear their opinion. Sampling their thought process can help you refine yours to make a better business decision. According to SquareUp, you can build team trust by keeping promises and owning up to mistakes when made. 

Transparent Team

  • Employ a Great Team and Retain Talented Employees 

One defining process in a successful business is the recruitment process. You must recruit the best hands for the job, who can live by your Company’s culture. The recruitment process must be free from biases and put into consideration those who have both the qualifications and passion for the job. 

Flowing from the above is talent retention. Set KPIs to measure performance and put them in place each year or two when you review employees’ contracts for promotion, and bonuses, amongst others. You do not want to lose your best hands to a competitor because you could not pay the desired remuneration or offer Developmental Training to upskill your workforce. 

  • Conduct Competitor Analysis 

You must learn how to conduct a competitor’s analysis, to know what other businesses in your industry are doing right or wrong, and learn from them. It will help you develop strategies to your business advantage. The data you get from the analysis will serve you if you are diligent to succeed in your business. Some experts have argued that conducting a competitive analysis is an example of what makes a business successful

Competitor Analysis

  • Keep Detailed Financial Records. 

Having a successful business hinges on keeping detailed financial records. A Financial Record helps you to scrutinize your business spending and know where you stand financially. In addition, it will help you picture what challenges you might face and how to overcome them. 

Investopedia advised keeping Physical and Online records in the Cloud, to avoid data loss. The data in the Cloud serve as a backup when needed and for comparison when there is any discrepancy. 

  • Embrace Technology 

A business can become successful in the Internet age if it is more receptive to changing technology. Leverage the Tech that can serve your business for improved efficiency and service delivery. 

  • Make Sacrifices 

Starting a business is different from the management of a business. The latter requires a lot more than when you are commencing business. You have to work hard if you want to grow a successful business. There are times when you would be unavailable for Eat-Outs and Hangouts. A time will come when you will not have your weekend for yourself or for family and friends. Then comes keeping late nights at your desk. Building a Successful business will take its toll on you at the initial stage, but you must be confident and push on with the determination that your brand will soon record a breakthrough worldwide. 

  • Provide good Service and Products.

Your customer determines whether you remain in business or not. Many would not care about their customers when they taste a little success. You must be customer-centric in your business to be successful. Provide quality products and be available to help them through the Buying or Use phase of your product or service.  That is a subtle way to improve your brand awareness.

Additionally, businesses that respond to Customers’ feedback enjoy increased patronage when done well. GetFeedback has a good guide on how to respond to customers’ feedback

There is no one-size-fits-all in what makes a business successful. But the above-stated are guiding principles adopted by many successful businesses. We hope you have found this article informative and will employ the guides for building a successful business. Best of Luck!

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