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How to conduct a virtual event
  • March 24, 2024
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How to Conduct a Virtual Event 

The manner in which virtual events were conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic has changed. At that time Tech world was not 100% ready for the unforeseen global standstill. Yet, events that should have been held in person had to adapt to the limited features of those platforms. However, the game has changed, and these virtual event platforms have improved their technologies. Tech space has also recorded a large influx of new event-hosting Platforms. 

According to vFairs Survey, “The Future of Virtual Events,” it was projected that a large percentage, that is 95.5% of event professionals who participated, said they would consider conducting a virtual event in their events strategy. But what are the benefits of conducting a virtual event? 

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event

When you conduct a virtual event, the following are the benefits. 

  • Cost Effective 

Wrike noted that virtual meetings are cost-effective because you will save money renting a space. The funds you would spend if the event were physical. 

  • Large Outreach 

When you consider that not everyone has the mobility to attend physical events because of their busy schedules, disabilities, and financial handicap, then you would choose to conduct a virtual event. There is no limit to the number of participants you can reach with virtual events. Put it on your mind that the world is now a global village in the internet era. 

  • Brand Awareness 

The digital age has created opportunities for businesses to increase brand awareness and reach their targeted audience easily. 

How to Conduct a Virtual Event – Pro Tips by People Connect 

Now that you know the benefits of conducting a virtual event, you must understand the tips needed to successfully conduct a virtual event. Although, there are not so many steps that differentiate between physical and virtual events. However, with virtual events, you are able to expand and reach a broader audience. You can choose what platform you want to host it, the type of virtual event to conduct, whether it is a webinar, conference, Internal, hybrid event, etc. People Connect LLC, one of the leading event professionals, recommends these Pro Tips when you conduct a virtual event. 


  • Set Event Goals 

There must be a clear perspective when you conduct a virtual event. What is the aim of your event, and how do you intend to achieve it? You can set a goal from your end as the organizer and then the event goals for participants. You must bring your team to speed so that everyone has an idea of what you aim to achieve and how each team member can work towards attaining set goals. 

  • Identify your target audience

Defining your target audience before advertising your virtual event is one of the best ways to conduct a virtual event. HubSpot, quoting the Best Practices of Conducting a Virtual event by Eventbrite CMO, stated that your target audience determines the kind of speaker you select for your event, the topic you choose – how it tallies with the problem they currently face, and how you are able to provide solutions to them. And finally, the period of the year you choose to host the event. 

For example, if your target audience includes students, business owners, public servants, etc. You must host the event at a convenient period so they can attend and participate fully, despite being a virtual event. Taggbox says that your investments and efforts could go to ruin when you do not get the date and time right. 

  •  Choose the platform for your virtual event

The next step is to choose the platform for your virtual event. There are technologies in the market that support virtual events, but you must consider those that best suit your needs and that of your attendees. If you are looking for a live streaming service, you should consider YouTube Live, Facebook Live streaming service, Instagram Live, and Zoom Live Streaming, to mention a few. 

These platforms have similar features, and you will pick one based on preference. Ensure you do a test run before the big event and note whether there is any technical support on ground that will attend to any eventualities that may come up should they arise. 

  • Promote your event 

You have successfully identified your target audience, selected the date and time to conduct your virtual event, identified the goals of the events, and a platform for the virtual event, and your speaker(s) has been chosen. Are those enough to go to sleep? Definitely not! 

Market your events to your target audience. Marketing your virtual event helps with visibility and attracts sponsors, exhibitors, and more registrants. How do you promote your virtual event

  • Spread the word on Social Media

If you have assiduously defined your target audience. Then target marketing will be an easy ride. It will help you focus your marketing efforts on platforms your potential attendees frequent. 

  • Leverage Event Listing Platforms 

Listing your events on Event-specific platforms is a great advertising prospect. These platforms have attendees who are always looking for events to attend. And they ensure that the details of your event are marketed to the audiences who frequent the site. One such platform is People Connect. To list your virtual event on People Connect, here is a quick link. Apart from listing virtual event opportunities, you can also select from People Connect’s top tear Professional Speakers for your virtual event. 

In addition, they offer the ability to connect with Speakers, Vendors, and Exhibitors, including Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities.

  • Adopt Innovative Networking Features 

The aim of conducting a virtual interview should also include the ability for your attendees to engage and network with one another. Here is the truth, networking opportunities can improve the number of attendees to your event. Therefore, adopting innovative networking features will ensure connectivity amongst your virtual event participants. How can you do this? 


Business Networking Group

Adopt Group chat tools that can help participants easily send messages to any member, be it an exhibitor or a fellow attendee. 

Second, breakout sessions will help attendees connect or have roundtable discussions around topics of similar interest. When potential attendees see that they can contribute and discuss topics of similar interest, it might spur them to attend. 

  • Give room for Feedback

A Question and Answer session is a given when you conduct a virtual event. This is an engagement strategy that you must put in place. It helps Speakers or hosts clarify part of the discussion that is enigmatic.  

Congratulations on successfully conducting a virtual event. But that is not the end. You have to perform some post-event activities, which are: 

  • Upload Virtual Event Content 

Your speaker might have used quality materials and presentation slides that pique the interest of your participants which they will appreciate if they can access the content.. Additionally, the recordings of the virtual event may be useful, only if the consent of both the Keynote Speaker and Attendees got a notification that the event will be recorded.  

When these materials are available, you can upload them to the cloud and brief participants on how to access them. 

  • Publish Post Virtual Event Highlight on your Social Media 

To keep spreading the word about your just concluded virtual event, ensure you post Key Highlights of the event on all your social media platforms. That will attract those who missed the event and might convince them to attend your next event if they see the magnitude of what they missed. 

  • Debrief and Reflect on the event outcome 

Let us go back to the beginning of this write-up when we asked you to set a clear goal for your virtual event. After the event, you must reflect on if you achieved all the goals you set and whether you met the needs of your participants from the feedback you got after the event. Use the data you get from this event amongst your team to conduct a virtual event that is grander in the future.

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