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How to turn internship into a job
  • March 24, 2024
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5 Tips to turn Internship Placement into a job in 2024

Internships are important in the development of any career path. They are the foundation for learning and developing your skills and knowledge in any chosen field. When Internships are rightly undertaken with the best mindset, they create lasting impressions and are a way of securing a job position in the organization you interned.   


As a necessity, an internship placement might help you build networks and connect with professionals who would act as references or recommend you for a future role. But the big question remains, how do you turn internship placement into a job?  


Transforming an Internship Placement into a full-time job requires a strategic approach and a proactive mindset. Here is how to turn Internship placement into a job in 2024.  


How to turn Internship Placement into a job  


   1. Punctuality  

First impression, they say, matters a lot. To turn internship placement into a job, you must treat your internship placement like you have got a job you do already. What that means is that you have to arrive at your work right before your opening hour or resumption time.  This will portray you as someone who is committed to the internship.   

Harvard Business Review giving valuable tips on how you can turn internship placement into a job also suggests that when meetings are scheduled to be held at a given time, you must ensure you are 15 to 30 minutes early.   

   2. Ask Questions  

Whether it is your first, second, or third internship. It does not matter. It definitely is a new organization and you do not know the workspace, the people, the demands of the job, and the company’s culture. Thus, you must be inquisitive and ask what you do not know.  

Asking questions increases your knowledge about the organization and portrays you as one who is teachable and willing to learn about the goals of the firm and how you can easily navigate a given task successfully.  

Note however, that you must keep your questions confined to projects or the questions that help you get a handful of information relevant to your internship placement or expand your scope of the company’s business. Not too personal questions or what the company considers as a trade secret, as that might present you in a bad light even when your intentions are pure.  

   3. Set Goals  

Internships are fun when you set clear goals that show your work ethic to your supervisors. You can set goals each day or week. Make sure you set out to achieve each goal, performing your assigned task accordingly, when due, and delivering quality projects to your supervisor.  

Since turning internship placement into a job role is what you desire, your work ethic should speak for you to those who have assigned you tasks.  

   4. Build Connections  

At your internship, you need to build your professional network with co-interns, your supervisor, the Human Resource Personnel, and the Manager. Remember it is said that “your network determines your net worth.”  

According to Virtual Internships, where employees see the value you offer as an Intern, they are quick to recommend you for any role that comes up in the organization or any other workplace later in life. Importantly, connect with them on LinkedIn while you are still interning.  


   5. Keep in Touch  

The connections and relationships with your colleagues during your internship should not end even when you are not retained on Full-Time after your internship.   

Though you may have been dedicated, provided quality work, and demonstrated the knowledge required for a full-time role. But it happens that after your internship, the organization is not seeking to hire new staff. And that is fine. Keeping in touch after your internship puts you in mind as the first point of contact when a position arises in the organization or if there is an opportunity elsewhere. 

The importance of making a lasting impression during an internship  


   1. It shapes your professional Journey  

Making a lasting impression during your internship holds significant importance in shaping your professional journey. Internships provide invaluable opportunities for individuals to gain practical experience, develop skills, and build a network of contacts within their chosen field. 

By leaving a lasting impression, interns can enhance their chances of securing future job opportunities, receiving positive recommendations, and establishing a strong professional reputation.  

   2. Potential for Future Job Prospects  


One of the key reasons why making a lasting impression during an internship is important is the potential for future job prospects. Employers often view internships as a trial period, where they can assess your capabilities, work ethic, and potential fit within their organization. By demonstrating dedication, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn, you can leave a lasting impression that may lead to job offers or referrals in the future. A positive impression can set up your foundation for a successful career path.  

   3. Recommendations and References  

Additionally, making a lasting impression during an internship can result in valuable recommendations and references. Supervisors and colleagues who are impressed by your performance as an intern are more likely to provide glowing recommendations, which can greatly enhance your credibility and employability. When you give value, you will classically get value in return.  

These recommendations can be instrumental in securing future employment opportunities or admission into graduate programs. By going above and beyond expectations, interns can leave a lasting impression that resonates with those they work with, leading to positive references that can open doors to new opportunities.  


Frequently Asked Question  

Do internships eventually turn into jobs?  

Studies show that 53% of internships do turn into full-time jobs. Yes, internships do eventually turn into jobs.  

What is the next step after internship?  

 The next step after internship is to get your Resume ready and push out your application letters to get jobs. This is especially true of Graduate Internships.  

How to ask for a full-time position after internship?  

The best way to ask for a full-time position after internship is to speak to the Human Resources Manager of the organization you interned in, that you are available and interested in working in the company if any vacancy comes up. That way, you are the first on the list of applicants to be considered. So long as you have contributed in an immeasurable way to the organization during your internship period, and the organization sees the skills and value you bring aboard, they will be willing to offer you a full-time position after your internship.

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