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  • November 19, 2023
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Where can I Advertise my Business for Free?

We understand you are on a budget as a startup or medium-scale business owner, and you do not have the same funds as big businesses to advertise on top sites. If the disturbing question on your mind is where you can Advertise your business for free, then we will put a smile on your face today as we take you through top sites where you can advertise your business for free and make your business successful.  

Gone are the days when Billboards, Flyers, Banners, TV, and Radio Advert were the limit of advertising. With digital marketing at the forefront in the internet age, the opportunities are boundless. Follow us on this interesting ride! 

What is the benefit of advertising your business? Advertising your business brings your product closer to your target audience and helps to persuade them to buy your product. The moment you do away with marketing, it may mean you are closing down, or your business is already enjoying patronage from a large customer base. 

Before we enumerate where you can advertise your business for free, let us discuss what free advertising is. 

Where can I Advertise my Business for free

What is Free Advertising? 

Free advertising is when you do not pay or pay less funds for marketing your product to your target audience. Free advertising is not applicable to only small or startup businesses, as medium and large-scale Businesses may also tap in to enjoy the opportunity of not spending their funds. 

If you want to get your business in front of your audience, using word-of-mouth to promote your business amongst your peers and asking them to do the same may quickly help your business to be known and enjoy what we call “Cheap patronage.” With regard to that, we do not mean they would not pay. Sorry! It means that people will patronize your business so easily and without you spending a dime on advertising. 

Listing your business in local directories and guest blogging are also ways and places you can advertise your product for free. 

Statistics disclosed by Data Reportal at the Digital 2021 October Global Statshot Report, revealed that the Cost for Paid Search Ads increased by 15% in the Second and Third quarters of 2021. What this means is that, If your business does not have the budget to compete, then your business will suffer if you do not look for alternate channels to advertise your business. And here are the channels where you can advertise your business for free. 


Classified Ads has easy steps to follow to list your product and add a price, location, and the title of your Ad. They also grant you the freedom to choose when you want your Ads to go live. 

To list and advertise on Classified Ads, you must choose the kind of product you sell or service you offer, your industry, and a subcategory. Since the platform is popular in the United States, India, and the United Arab Emirates, it is certain you will get your Ads to its 580,000 visitors who frequent the platform per month. 

  • Facebook 

Leverage Facebook’s 2.95 billion users, the social media popular amongst people around the world. Recent data shows that more than a third of its active users are willing to buy products from the platform this year. 

With Facebook Groups, Messenger, Facebook Shops, and Facebook Marketplace, you will advertise your business for free and get outstanding results. 

  • Craigslist 

Now let us talk about where most consumers prefer to go for secondhand products. As a classified advertising channel, Craigslist is a free marketplace where you can advertise your business for free. 

To bring to effect your advertising desires, click on “Create a post,” add your product and choose a category your business belongs to, select the country of choice you want to target with your Ads, and submit after you have filled in other relevant information for your product or service.  

  •  Google My Business Profile 

When you consider that Google is the most frequent Search Engine, you will jump at having your business on Google My Business Profile. The benefit of having your business listed on this platform is that you appear in local searches when a potential customer is searching for Businesses nearby. Additionally, since you would have filled in all information about your business and location, your business will be listed on Google Maps, making it easy for customers to drive to your business location, amongst others. 

Note that you will only enjoy these benefits if your profile is well-optimized for that purpose. 

  • Locanto 

Locanto makes it convenient for small business owners to list their products on the platform and suggest categories to them, so the advertisement can reach over 1.9 million visitors per month

This platform is the easiest way to reach local customers by posting classified Ads on their website.

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